Oral Histories

The WRI also conducts and houses oral history projects of local and regional water leaders. Please contact Archivist/Historia Suzie Earp at (909) 537-7683 to review any of the following records in our Oral History collection:

Completed Oral Histories with Transcripts

Interviewee Affiliation/Topic of Interviews Date of Interviews

picture of Ruben Ayala

Ruben Ayala

Former State Senator remembered for proposing the Peripheral Canal

September 16, 2002
September 19, 2002
September 26, 2002
September 30, 2002
October 3, 2002
October 9, 2002
October 15, 2002

picture of Louis Fletcher

Louis Fletcher

Former General Manager of San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District-District History

February 3, 2009
February 11, 2009
February 27, 2009
March 2, 2009

picture of Putty Hencks

Putty Hencks

Longtime SB Mountain Resident that assembled a collection of documents and stories about water in Lake Arrowhead

February 27, 2008
March 6, 2008
March 13, 2008
March 25, 2008
April 2, 2008

picture of Bill Leonard

Bill Leonard

San Bernardino business leader who supported San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District joining the MWD, founding member of Inland Action

July 20, 2006
August 3, 2006

picture of Joe Rowe

Joe Rowe

San Bernardino Water Engineer from family firm that served the water industry primarily in the upper Santa Ana watershed

February 24, 2000
March 30, 2000

picture of Ralph Wagner

Ralph Wagner

Engineer based in Lake Arrowhead that has served every local major water-related agency or organization

November 14, 2006
December 12, 2006


January 9, 2007


March 6, 2007

March 20, 2007


April 3, 2007


April 17, 2007


May 1, 2007


May 29, 2007


picture of Harold Willis

Harold Willis

San Bernardino businessman who opposed a ballot measure that San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District join the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California in 1964 

January 14, 2009
January 21, 2009

Oral Histories without transcripts in video format include:

Anthony “Butch” Araiza- GM, West Valley Water District;Arlene Lewis- Wife of Congressman Jerry Lewis; Art Littleworth- Attorney with Best Best & Krieger; Barbara Boxer- U.S. Senate; Bev Lowry- Director, Mojave Water Agency; Bill Emmerson- State Assembly Member; Bill Huckell- Board Member of Crestline Village Water District, Retired; Bob Ellingwood- Former Mayor of Ontario; Bob Ghirelli- Assistant General Manager for Orange County Sanitation District; Bob Martin- GM, East Valley Water District; Bob Owen- City Attorney, Rialto; Bob Reiter- Former GM San Bernardino Valley MWD; Brad Boxer- Public Works Director, Rialto; Brent Graham- GM Tulare Lake Basin Water Conservation District; Carl Boronkay- Former GM, Western Municipal Water District; Carole Beswick- Chair, Regional Water Quality Control Board, Santa Ana Region; Celeste Cantu-Director of SAWPA; Charlie Bachmann- Assistant GM, East Municipal Water District; Daniel Cozad- President of Integrated Planning and Management, Inc.; Dave Kelly-State Senator; Dennis Hansberger- San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors; Dennis Majors- Former Santa Ana River Project manager, USACE; Don Harriger- GM Western Municipal Water District and Water Master; Doug Headrick- Public Works Director of Redlands; current GM of SBVMWD; Dr. Albert K. Karnig- President of CSUSB; Dr. Fred Cannon- Penn State University; Dr. Joe Lovett- Department of Health Science and Human Economics, CSUSB; Dr. Keith Takata- U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; Dr. Kent Schofield- Professor of history, CSUSB; Dr. Klaus Brasch- CSUSB Center for Technology Transfer; Dr. Mark Losi- Center for Environmental Microbiology; Dr. William Aguilar- V.P. of CSUSB; Fred Hanson- V.P. of Albert A Webb Associates; George E. “Skip” Wilson- Director, East Valley Water District; Gerry Thibeault- Executive Officer of the California Regional Water Quality Board, Santa Ana Region; Gordon Cologne-State Senator; Greg Wilkinson- Attorney with Best Best & Krieger; Hubert Webb-CEO of Albert A. Webb Associates; Jerry Lewis- US Congressman; Jerry Thibeault- Executive Officer, Santa Ana Regional Water Quality Control Board; Jim Dilworth- Legal council for San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District; Joe Grindstaff-Lifetime achievement 2008- Director of the California Bay Delta Authority; John Anderson- Inland Empire Utilities Agency, Board of Directors; John Paul Woodley- US Department of Defense; Johnnie Ann Ralph- Former Dean, Pfau Library; Judith Valles- Former Mayor of San Bernardino; Justice Robert Robie-California Court of Appeal; Keith Lewinger- Water Reuse Association; Ken Witt- Former Board Member MWD; Kirk Berchtold- Santa Ana Regional Water Quality Control Board; Lester Snow- Director of California Department of Water Resources; Lois Krieger- first woman President of MWD, WMWD Director; Louis Fletcher- Retired GM, San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District; Marion Ashley- Riverside County Supervisor, District 5; Matt Webb- President of Albert A. Webb Associates; Mike Huffstutler- GM Bear Valley Municipal Water Company; Norm Hunt- GM, Crestline Village Water District, Retired; P. MacLaggan- Vice President, Poseidon Resources; Pat Morris- Mayor of San Bernardino; Patrick Mulligan- President of San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District; Patrick Hamrick- Director, Jurupa Community Services District; Patrick Milligan- President, San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District; Pete Dangermond- President, ESRI; Peter Wulfman- Director of Solid Waste Management, San Bernardino County; Phillip Kassal- long-time SB Attorney and former Law Partner of Bob Holcomb; Quentin Kopp- Former State Senator; Rachael Clark- City Clerk for the City of San Bernardino; Randy Record- Director, East Municipal Water District; Randy Van Gelder- GM San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District; Rich Atwater- Inland Empire Utilities Agency; Robb Quincy- City Manager of Upland; Ron Gastelum- Former GM, MWD of Southern California; Sam Gershon- Senior V.P. of Albert A. Webb Associates; Stacey Aldstadt-General Manager, San Bernardino City Water Department; Steve Kashiwada- Former Deputy Director of the State Water Project; Steve Stockton- Former GM, SGPWA; Thomas N. Jacobson- Attorney, Gresham Savage Nolan & Tilden; Tim Moore- President of Risk Sciences; Tom Clark- GM Kern County Water Agency; and Wayne Holcomb- Former board member, Western Municipal Water District.