Under the leadership of Chancellor Charles B. Reed, the California State University (CSU) has identified the Water Resources and Policy Initiatives as an opportunity to leverage CSU’s systemwide academic excellence into an important resource for addressing the complex issues about water confronting California today and in its future.

Many other states and countries look to California and the CSU system for leadership in developing and executing solutions for sustainable water resource management. CSU’s academic centers are recognized worldwide for contributing to next-generation policies, science and technology, and complex environmental, social and economic solutions.

As the largest and most diverse university system in the country, the CSU system is uniquely qualified to provide practical leadership in helping to solve immediate and long-term water management issues facing California:

  • The CSU has hundreds of scientists and technicians on 23 campuses that feature almost 450,000 students and 47,000 faculty and staff.
  • A systemwide multidisciplinary academic program can serve as a platform for applying CSU and its resources to important sustainable water practices and policy initiatives.
  • These resources can provide education, training and expertise to individuals already in or wanting to pursue diverse careers in the water industry.

  • For more information, visit the WRPI website here.